Tuesday, August 23, 2016

UAA Aruba

A couple’s romantic Aruba vacation turned into a nightmare which could have been deadly had we not been able to step in and help.

On August 4th, Thomas Landisi, awoke from his sleep, while vacationing in Aruba with chest pains and a rapid heartbeat. Immediately he knew it was a heart attack and was rushed to the nearest hospital. Upon arrival, doctors found a blood clot at the entrance of his heart. He had congestive heart failure.  The hospital notified his wife, Maryclaire that her husband would have to be transferred to Colombia for surgery.  The hospital also began to demand $10,000 in cash before they could release her husband. This didn’t feel right to Maryclaire. She immediately refused the transfer. 

Maryclaire contacted her family in the states and they agreed that the situation didn’t seem right. Joseph Landisi and Anthony Landisi met Steve Jones, former CEO at United Air Ambulance on a flight a few months prior. Steve had spoken about what United Air Ambulance does and their close relations with hospitals in the Caribbean, Latin America and other parts of the world. At the time, the brothers never thought they would have a need for those services. However, they are grateful for the chance meeting. They reached out United Air Ambulance and were put in touch with one of their flight coordinators, Alex. Alex reached out to Maryclaire and calmly walked her through the process of how they were going to work with the hospital to get her husband back to the United States to get the help that he needed as soon as possible. Maryclaire credits Alex with keeping her sane during a very stressful time. Alex and the team dealt with everything.

United Air Ambulance worked tirelessly on behalf of the Landisi family to get them flown out of Aruba and to Florida for emergency surgery.  “The transfer was seamless because of what United Air Ambulance did for my family,” says Landisi. “Without them, I am not sure my husband would be with me today.”

Thomas Landisi has since recovered from his surgery and is with his family enjoying life in New York.

 “UAA promised door to door service, and that is exactly what we got.” “UAA is the best, of the best, of the best.” I truly believe that chance meeting saved my husband’s life and I hope many more people learn about this company.  If you are traveling out of the country, make sure you remember the name, United Air Ambulance. “

At United Air Ambulance, we specialize in international care and flights. We work on behalf of the patient to obtain the best care and to ensure that they are safe and not being taken advantage of. We are so happy that Mr. Landisi is able to return to his loved ones.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A letter from the President/CEO

This was a letter that our President/CEO sent to all of our employees. We edited it a bit but wanted to share with everyone a glimpse in to our day and why we do what we do.

Hey guys,

So, I don’t know about you, but there are certain moments in your life when everything suddenly becomes crystal clear. In these moments, you remember why we are all here in the first place and what our special purpose is in life.  Family, friends and loved ones are everything to us. We’ve all been chosen to not only take care of our own and each other, but to take care of others when nobody else can.

I had one of those moments today after receiving a call from the brother of a former patient (we will call her Jen due to HIPAA). They initially found us through the Mayo Clinic back in 2011, after a case manager there, reached out to us to help this family who had received a failed treatment and now needed to return home. It was a story we’ve all heard a million times – “Jen’s” insurance company denied her coverage, and nobody would take her flight due to a lack of funds. We decided to step up and pay for the flight despite knowing nothing was for certain given her health, and also that COBRA had been denied and we’d likely never receive payment for any services rendered.  We were diligent and felt there was a chance for survival, and we agreed to take that chance after falling in love with the family in peril.

Fast-forward four years, and today I received the call from “Jen’s” brother to reiterate his gratitude and remind me of just how much we impacted and helped his family.  We were all strangers brought together through necessity, and we formed a bond with their family that will last forever simply by lending a helping hand. “Jen” lost her battle last year, but I implore you to always remember that LIFE IS GOOD, and that no matter what we’re facing in our day-to-day lives, there is somebody else out there suffering 10 times more than we could ever imagine.  

When you come into work burned out or overly stressed, remember - this is what we were all chosen to do. This is what will yield us all the ripest fruits of our labor.  So, while many people take, take, take, thinking that this is the path to success, I, like many others, have gone down that path before. It may be the easiest path to follow, but it’s not the most rewarding, and in the end, I believe we’ll all understand that. We will all be gone someday, and I pray that each and every one of you can experience many more moments like the one I shared with Paul this morning.

Our work is tough, team, and it always will be.  I have always promised that once you are on this team you become family to me, and I vow to never leave you stranded.  I love every one of you. I’m trying my very hardest to create and maintain a work environment that helps you find the ultimate success in life.

When your moment comes, may it be filled with laughter, happiness and joy. You are all amazing, and I thank you for it.